Tips on buying a hosting package for multiple sites

Tips on buying a hosting package for multiple sites

February 12, 2011 By Kevin 0

In the market with intense competition, there are numerous web hosting companies and their numerous packages to suit all type of customers or clients.  As you are aware, web hosting should be done based on your requirement.  All packages are not suitable for all customers and all customers do not need all packages or features with different packages.

Before deciding on a particular hosting service, you should first identify a best host from the group of hosting companies shortlisted and reviewed them.   Many packages are in place with various offers, starting from free hosting, shared hosting, dedicated hosting, ecommerce hosting, green hosting, cloud hosting, reseller hosting, etc. to name a few.

In the recent development, due to the high competition, companies have started offering unlimited or multiple web hosting packages and hosting several web sites on a single plan.  It can generate further business for the people who want to convert this type of hosting package to profit centers.  The first type of hosting packages can be divided into two different plans; one for only hosting your sites and another plan by which you can put web sites of your clients.   Basically there are some differences and mainly the difference on the control panel where you will get a single control panel for the management of your site for the plan aiming your own hosting and in the other package, you can get different control panels for each sites.

On the contrary, the other plan of hosting several web sites from a single plan providing single control panel through which you will be able do the administration of your hosted web sites.  This kind of control panel will enable you to create email accounts, databases, checking bandwidth and disk-space usage, install software, etc. and also it will allow you to add or remove web sites from the server.

Major benefit of such hosting will be that you pay only one fee and you get the right to set up multiple sites.  One of the top companies in this kind of businesses is

Tips on buying a hosting package for multiple sites 1

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