Choosing a Web Hosting Company for Your First Website

Creating your own website can be an enjoyable, enlightening, and potentially lucrative endeavor. Your site will give you a platform where you can share your knowledge and opinions with others, provide information about any topic under the sun, create communities and connect with others, market a product or service, and the list goes on. And through the process of creating and promoting a website you will learn valuable information about HTML, search engines, and the Internet in general that will aid you in your other online interactions.

After you have decided what kind of website you want to create and are ready to take your project online, you will need to select a web hosting provider.… Read the rest

Factors to Know While Selecting a Web Hosting Company

There are various factors that you need to consider while selecting a web hosting company. Among these, the very first thing is that you should not blindly choose the first one that comes in your way. Before choosing the web hosting company you need to clarify something and then go for it. Speed is the most important factor of consideration while selecting a web hosting company. Your website should not take much time to load because then you might lose the business. No visitor would wait for long for your site to open. Thus the uptime of your web hosting company should be extremely good so that your website is available immediately when the link is clicked.… Read the rest

An Introduction to LiteSpeed Web Hosting

LiteSpeed web hosting is a technology that uses LiteSpeed web servers to host all client websites. Living up to their name, standard LiteSpeed servers are known to be twice as fast as Apache for static content. The enterprise version, the company claims, is six times as fast.  PHP scripting is about 1.5 times faster than Apache’s mod_php. The main reason for the high speed is a network architecture that is clean and optimal. The architecture has been created with the dual objective of low latency and scalability in mind.

Most of the LiteSpeed web hosting plans offer features that are extremely attractive.… Read the rest

Build your website – picking the right web hosting type

If you are starting a new web site or already have an existing web site, picking the right web hosting is crucial to the success of your web site. If you choose the wrong hosting type for your web site you could lose valuable web traffic/orders due to downtimes, suspensions for resource abuse, etc. In this article I will go over the different types of web hosting out there and which is best for you.

Free Web Hosting

Free Web Hosting is great for the obvious reason. If you are just getting started and need practice building web sites then you will want to find a good free web hosting provider.… Read the rest