MonsterMegs Shared Web Hosting Services

We sell a lot of shared web hosting to customers around the world. In fact, shared web hosting is our top seller. One of the most frequently asked questions is “Which shared hosting package is right for me?” That’s a great question so I would like to answer that in today’s blog post. We offer two types of shared web hosting packages: Basic Shared Web Hosting and Semi-Dedicated Shared Web Hosting. Each one is configured with specific options and pricing based on what customers typically need and use with their shared web hosting account.

Understanding server loading and how many accounts are on your server

Before we get into the specifics of each MonsterMegs shared web hosting package, first you need to understand that each type of shared web hosting service is hosted on a server with other web hosting accounts.… Read the rest

Build your website – picking the right web hosting type

If you are starting a new web site or already have an existing web site, picking the right web hosting is crucial to the success of your web site. If you choose the wrong hosting type for your web site you could lose valuable web traffic/orders due to downtimes, suspensions for resource abuse, etc. In this article I will go over the different types of web hosting out there and which is best for you.

Free Web Hosting

Free Web Hosting is great for the obvious reason. If you are just getting started and need practice building web sites then you will want to find a good free web hosting provider.… Read the rest