cPanel & WHM 11.34 Now Available

Effective today, cPanel & WHM 11.34 is now available on all our Web Hosting, Semi-Dedicated Hosting, and Reseller Hosting servers. Being this is a major upgrade, we want to make all clients aware of the changes and improvements that were made to the major backbone of our service line, Cpanel.

This upgrade includes 200 features and updates, including:

  • A brand new User Interface for WHM, which brings a slick new look and easier functionality, as demonstrated at the recent cPanel Conference.
  • Web Disk support has been updated for Windows Vista, 7 & 8, and Mountain Lion. In addition to the Web Disk support update, we will soon be releasing Android and iOS clients.
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New Security, Monitoring, Performance Systems Now in Place

Today we made some major enhancements to all our servers. We have added 2 programs that each server that will increase performance, security, and also help us to monitor servers in detail on a real time basis.

These systems will also function on their own to correct many server issues or abuse in real time. So if a service goes down it will automatically be repaired and brought back up on it own. Another scenario is we have set realistic limits for things like cpu, memory usage, and so on. If a script uses too much of any of these resources it will be shut down or frozen until the usage level drops.… Read the rest