PHP Selector Now Available On All Hosting Plans

The version of PHP offered on our server has a major impact to customers. While some customers like to test their scripts with newer version of PHP, others run some older scripts that are not compatible with the newer versions of PHP. For a long time there has been a battle for us on the best version to run. While we don’t want customers site to break by running newer version of PHP, we also don’t want to run an outdated version of PHP that is no longer being updated or supported. This is a battle that has not only effected us, but the hosting industry as a whole.… Read the rest

What is CloudLinux?

CloudLinux is a revolutionary Operating System that allows each cPanel account on our servers to have it’s own CPU allocations. With a standard Linux installation, a single user can cause issues for everybody else on the server, where as with CloudLinux that account would be limited to their own CPU allocation and would not cause issues for everybody else on the server.

One of the largest benefits of CloudLinux is that it will keep a single account from overwhelming a server and causing slow performance or downtime.  Each and every account is limited to a maximum of 1 CPU Core instead of having free and open reign to system resources, and since we run high end servers with multiple cores this effectively means that it’s extraordinarily unlikely for the server that your account is on to become slow or unresponsive due to the actions of one, or even a handfull of customers.… Read the rest