Selecting the Best Magento Hosting Provider

Selecting the Best Magento Hosting Provider

May 27, 2012 By Kevin 0

There are numerous providers of Magento Hosting on the web but it is important to choose the right provider in order to successfully maintain your shopping cart site. The right provider could make the ultimate difference between the success and failure of the site since different providers offer different grades of essential factors such as security that is important for the proper functioning of the site. The three most crucial aspects to consider when selecting a magento hosting provider are security, performance and reliability.

Websites in the ecommerce domain rely heavily on the level security that it can provide to attract customers to use their website for carrying out financial transactions. Various shopping cart sites require the storage of sensitive data such as credit or debit card details. If this data is leaked then it effectively means the end of the website as the users will lose their faith completely and even sue the company for theft.

The performance of the website ultimately decides the future of the business being run on the website. Offering a slow running shopping cart website is akin to waiting in line at the grocery store. Users shop online to save time so they will always prefer to use a website that offers high speed. Using a fast running site will also help you get better rankings in the search results. Similarly, you will get penalized for a slow operating site. You can compare the performance of different magento hosting providers to make an informed decision for your shopping cart site. Ignoring this aspect will affect the quality of your business eventually. Another aspect that falls in the category is the provision for protection against viruses. Running scans daily will enable to maintain the security of the website.

It is no secret that Magento Hosting is available easily by many web hosting providers, but most providers do not offer the resources and security required for Magento. MonsterMegs’ Semi-Dedicated Hosting was designed for such resource intensive applications such as Magento. MonsterMegs’ Semi-Dedicated hosting plans assign a limited number of accounts (15) per server, which allows for more cpu usage, memory usage, and all around resources for each account on the server as opposed to shared hosting. This leads to the perfect fully managed Magento hosting solution.

Selecting the Best Magento Hosting Provider 1

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