Is MonsterMegs a cheap web hosting company or one of the best host web site hosting?

Is MonsterMegs a cheap web hosting company or one of the best host web site hosting?

November 26, 2010 By Kevin 0

According to many of our clients, they classify our web hosting as affordable web site hosting however that doesn’t make our web hosting rated as cheap web hosting. Considering our reputation for being one of the best web hosting companies in the web hosting market with our high level of support & affordable ecommerce hosting.

There are a lot of factors when it comes to picking a web hosting company, the requirements of every person and company are different. In the web hosting industry, you have people who are looking for cheap multiple domain web hosting, those who look for low cost web site hosting & affordable ecommerce hosting site web, the list can go and on however we can offer almost every combination for our clients.

Our servers are located in our tier-1 private data center space located in Chicago, Illinois. Our location is one of the most strategic locations weather you’re looking for international web hosting or North American web hosting. Our datacenter has state of the art UPS which assures that your web site is never down for a single second and also can have interrupted backup power for a week without having to refill any of our generators. The cooling in our datacenter is designed in a way to run at 133%, so if any failure occurs, our datacenter can run at full capacity using only 70% of our cooling power. Fire alarm systems, man traps and magnetic cards that monitor every entrance/exit of any data center room are standard.

Our servers also utilize the latest in technology standards all using Intel server equipment only. Most of our servers come with redundant power supplies which makes the chance of having a full catastrophic power failure impossible. We implement IPMI systems in most of our servers to monitor each server and control them. We only use server-grade hardware such as ECC registered RAM to avoid memory failures, Xeon processors in any of our servers weather it’s shared, reseller, virtual private servers or dedicated servers as well as Intel motherboards that are made to last and run for months and years.

We test out the latest technologies and make sure our clients have them by the time they are stable enough for usage. Being one of the first web hosting companies to introduce Ruby on Rails, Roundcube and right now one of the few web hosting companies that operates with R1Soft at 3 hour backups. We also have Softaculous for all of our clients so they can install over 150+ known scripts with a couple of clicks without having to go through the fuss of setting up databases, etc.

We pride ourselves in our R1Soft backup system, we have backups that run daily as well as daily backups every 3 hours. This means that if for some rare reason we had any hardware failure, the maximum loss of data would be 3 hours only, compared to other web hosting companies where a whole day of work could be lost.

We have highly trained staff that have been in the web hosting industry for years and know every in-and-out of it. Network engineers and server administrators that are available 24x7x365 to help you with any of your problems no matter what. Our network engineers and server administrators are highly trained and can resolve most issues within minutes of identifying this issues.

Our products range is a very wide range as we have products starting from professional powerful shared hosting for the daily user or the small business, going up to reseller accounts for those who’d like affordable multiple domain web hosting and would like to isolate their domains instead of having them all under one account. As well as services such as domain registration and SSL certificates.

Our long time experience in the web hosting industry and our high quality infrastructure is what makes our price affordable while keeping the reputation for one of the companies with the best services makes us perfect for your affordable ecommerce hosting web site. We treat your business like it’s our business and we will help you in every step we can when you have your hosting account with us.

To conclude as you can read from what we mentioned in this article that price doesn’t matter and has no link with the quality of the services. We have the best pricing in our web hosting class as well as having higher quality web hosting than any of our competitors and bringing offers to our customers before any other company that charges much more brings them to theirs.

Is MonsterMegs a cheap web hosting company or one of the best host web site hosting? 1

Posted by Kevin

Hi, I’m Kevin! As the founder of MonsterMegs I oversee all executive operations. Having held the position for just over 9 years, MonsterMegs has grown substantially in that time and forced me to adapt and relearn the industry many times over. I am responsible for all vendor partnerships, business forecasting and working directly with customers to learn what MonsterMegs does well and how we can improve.

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