How to Choose a WordPress Hosting Service

How to Choose a WordPress Hosting Service

January 10, 2011 By Kevin 0

One of the most crucial factors to the success of your wordpress blog website is the hosting infrastructure. WordPress hosting is easy to find, however, you need to be very careful in selecting your provider.Disk space and bandwidth prices have dropped substantially the last few years however you need to look beyond that.

Reputation – A very important factor before deciding which wordpress hosting provider to work with. Take your time as this is a very crucial task. Google its name and see where it appears, visit the links and read reviews from other customers, visit hosting forums or blogs and ask other users about their services. Does anyone know them? Where do their links appear? Avoid providers that have links in suspicious forums or engage in illegal marketing tactics such as spamming.

Reliability – This is quite tricky for many beginners because they assume that as long as someone can offer them hosting, they will be able to do their job. Well, in the beginning for sure but as you scale up and you build momentum you will need a wordpress hosting provider that is reliable in

server uptimes and offers you the latest technology in the hosting industry such as fast servers.

Quality support – Make sure you select wordpress hosting providers that offer quality support and are next to you whenever you need them. Quick response times are crucial especially when you conduct online transactions as it affects your reputation.

Tools for your website – Does your wordpress hosting provider allow you to install all different types of plugins? Can you have unlimited Mysql databases? Can you park additional domain names? All these are crucial questions that must be answered before you sign up for a wordpress hosting.

Prices – You can now have enough disk space and bandwidth to run your website for just few dollars. You do not need to spend a fortune but be aware of the so called cheap or budget hosting providers. You may pay less but you get less value, that is downtime, bad customer support. Do not ruin your blog reputation by trying to save few dollars, as it is well known, you get what you pay for.

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