Guide to LiteSpeed Web Hosting

Guide to LiteSpeed Web Hosting

January 21, 2011 By Kevin 0

LiteSpeed web hosting is a technology that utilizes LiteSpeed web servers to host all customer websites. Living up to their name, standard LiteSpeed servers are known to be double the speed as Apache for non dynamic content. The enterprise version, the company claims, is 6x as fast. PHP code is about 1.5x faster than Apache’s mod_php. The primary logic for the high speed is a network architecture that is orderly and optimal. The architecture has been conceived with the dual goal of low latency and scalability in mind.

Most of the LiteSpeed web hosting plans offer features that are remarkably attractive. These include PHP, fast CGI, Ruby on Rails, and LSAPI support, Apache compatible URL rewrite engine, MS FrontPage server extension and more. The ensured security by the strictest HTTP validation, system overloading prevention, Chroot web server process, virtual host chroot and anti-DDOS capabilities. The monitoring done for LiteSpeed is constant and recovery from any kind of failure is immediate.

Web hosting packages that utilize LiteSpeed technologies can commit to faster loading times for client websites. These servers are compatible with a majority of the third party control panels like ISPConfig, cPanel, DirectAdmin and others. It has the greatest support for Ruby on Rails and great anti-DDoS effectiveness.

LiteSpeed Web Hosting is typically used by sites that have large databases and high traffic to manage. Therefore ISP providers and large corporate companies are the ones that need to opt for web hosting solutions that use LiteSpeed servers instead of the slower server options. Today LiteSpeed servers are replacing many Apache servers at web hosting companies so that they can offer much better launching times. Some of the sites that you may have heard of that use LiteSpeed hosting are FanFiction, WordPress (a very popular blog), Download3000 (a site with download options for windows programs and games), Zoznam (Slovakia’s largest portal), Lyrics (the largest lyric archive site).

The decreasing patience of surfers to wait for webpages that time to load and the need to have seamless Internet surfing has made this change almost mandatory. So even though LiteSpeed does not support modules written for Apache, the movement towards LiteSpeed machines and therefore LiteSpeed hosting is clearly picking up momentum.

Web hosting companies like MonsterMegs have already made the shift from relatively slow Apache servers to really fast LiteSpeed ones. Since the servers are compatible with most scripts and can support scripts like ASP and ASP.NET, the transfer of servers is hardly a movement that is noticed.

A typical LiteSpeed web hosting package is similar to any other regular plan that is offered with the web hosting site. The only difference is that the servers that are used help in providing better speed and site loading. The monthly fees can be anywhere from $3.95 USD to 69.95 USD depending on the specific plan and the other features furnished. The change in speed after moving from Apache to LiteSpeed is something that most customers notice immediately.

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