Say Goodbye to Spam with SpamExperts Email Filtering

We’re pleased to announce “SpamExperts” anti-spam protection solution for MonsterMegs customers. SpamExperts is a powerful anti-spam cloud service that will block almost 99.98% of spam emails reaching your mailbox.

What Is SpamExperts?

When we think of Emails, all we can say that Emails are the most important and essential way of communication in today’s corporate world. At the same time, Spams can be considered as most serious threat to web resources.

SpamExperts is an Enterprise class Anti-Spam solution with the most advanced filtering algorithms and spam pattern identification to eliminate 99.98% of Spams reaching to your mailbox. When you have SpamExperts protection on your Inbox, certainly you will feel safe from inbound, unsolicited bulk emails and other related threats.… Read the rest

Choose the Best Drupal Hosting Services

Drupal hosting is an open source framework program which is completely adaptable and moveable. But this hosting can get a little clumsy at times. If you want to succeed and make your website accessible then you will have to take care when you select the best drupal hosting arrangements and services for your website.

Drupal web hosting is a content management system that utilizes the PHP programming. These kinds of programs have particular requirements when it comes to web hosting and storage space to make it more basic for you, they require more of it. Do you want the drupal site to function constantly and dependably?… Read the rest

Selecting the Best Magento Hosting Provider

There are numerous providers of Magento Hosting on the web but it is important to choose the right provider in order to successfully maintain your shopping cart site. The right provider could make the ultimate difference between the success and failure of the site since different providers offer different grades of essential factors such as security that is important for the proper functioning of the site. The three most crucial aspects to consider when selecting a magento hosting provider are security, performance and reliability.

Websites in the ecommerce domain rely heavily on the level security that it can provide to attract customers to use their website for carrying out financial transactions.… Read the rest

How to Make Your Site Load Faster

You might not think it is necessary to have your website load fast. You might think that as long as you have pertinent content available to your targeted user and it’s SEO optimized, your site will pop up on the first few ranking pages of search engines.

This is not true anymore. Google has enhanced its web crawling spiders to not only harvest information about a particular website’s content, but also about loading speed of the pages on that site. This means that even if you have the most relevant product or information matching a user’s query, if your site doesn’t load fast enough, it might not be ranked highly on the search results pages (SERPs)  by Google.… Read the rest

How to Improve Your Website Speed Up To 9 Times Faster With Litespeed?

With changing times you can see similar changes in technology, all these changes are made to minimize our efforts. Some of the changes have revolutionized the way we are using technology and implementation of such technologies becomes important to accommodate the increased number of users. One such change, which we will experience in coming years, is introduction of LiteSpeed based servers. With introduction of recent version of LiteSpeed, which can be used for hosting personal or commercial website and has proven that is almost 6 times faster than the Apache Servers. If you use it effectively and make changes, accordingly you can get 9 times faster results for your web site speed no matter if you are using the shared web hosting platform also.… Read the rest