Buying Web Hosting With Bitcoin

Buying Web Hosting With Bitcoin

November 17, 2020 By Kevin 0

Paying for web hosting has evolved over time and it’s now possible to pay for a hosting service with Bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin hosting has gained immense popularity among technology enthusiasts and other people who prefer operating on the web with some degree of privacy and anonymity. Especially if you have a business that receives income in Bitcoin, it makes sense paying your web hosting provider using this revolutionary currency as well. However, if you want to buy Domain and Hosting with Bitcoin, it helps to know what the company offers, the benefits that you get from buying hosting with Bitcoin and the guarantees that the host should offer you.

What is Bitcoin Hosting?

Bitcoin Hosting doesn’t mean a hosting server that stores bitcoins. A Cryptocurrency is often a preferred method of payment among internet business, technologists, and early adopters. Bitcoin hosting is often presented as a solution for not only those who are seeking of privacy and anonymity on the web but it is also a preferred payment method of those who accepts bitcoin and other cryptos on their websites.

Setting Up Your Bitcoin Website

You do not need Bitcoin specific hosting to set-up a Bitcoin related site. But if the majority of your income is in bitcoin, it may make sense for you to pay your hosting provider in bitcoin as well. With a variety of providers available, as well as Bitcoin-specific payment providers, you can transact Bitcoin seamlessly.

What Guarantees Should a Bitcoin Hosting Company Offer You?

There are a few important things that every web hosting company that accepts Bitcoins should offer.

  1. Uptime: Without proper guarantee on uptime, your website may go offline most of the time and this can affect your business negatively. Web hosts that provide assurance of 99.9% uptime are highly recommended.
  2. Established: Hosting companies come and go. You are best off with a hosting provider that has been in business at least 5 years. An established company is less likely to go out of business than one that has been only operating for a few months.
  3. Affordable Pricing: Even when your web hosting accepts Bitcoin, it is better working with a service provider that doesn’t charge exorbitant rates. Those that offer discounts and coupons can save you serious bucks in the long run.

Benefits of Bitcoin Hosting

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Bitcoin hosting has come ahead of its time and is known to offer many incredible benefits and can be a fantastic alternative to traditional website hosting. Some of the benefits that Bitcoin hosting offer include:

Payment efficiency: Paying using Bitcoins is much simpler as it would be when using a card. There are not many security risks to worry because very minimal personal information is shared with the recipient. However, you should know that you Bitcoin transactions are always recorded in Blockchain, which is an open ledger system.

High level of privacy: There is some level of privacy that you enjoy when using Bitcoins online. However, it’s imperative to know that this mode of payment is not 100% anonymous.

Amazing levels of enthusiasm: If you are using Bitcoins in your everyday business, you will find it interesting supporting other businesses that use the same currency.

Why Web Hosting Companies Accept Cryptocurrency

The blockchain technology’s inherent values have allowed web hosts to raise their business by getting into a vast crypto economy. In actual fact, it allowed these companies to operate very efficiently as customers could now buy web hosting services from any area in the world instantly, provided that they are internet connected.

In addition to that, these types of payments do not ask you to provide any sensitive personal details to a hosting service provider. Therefore, the demand for Bitcoin payment option has become loud and clear. As Bitcoin payments are required to go through, web hosts started to adopt cryptocurrencies and embrace the blockchain technology much to the customers’ convenience.

Given the quick growth of the industry of blockchain payments, the number of companies which accept cryptocurrencies is naturally going to rise. This will be the case, particularly taking the developments of “Lightning Network” payment protocol into account. The protocol promises to make crypt payments cheaper, quicker, as well as more convenient. For any type of business out there, accepting cryptocurrencies is a whole lot easier now.

Our Guarantees

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Buy hosting with bitcoin at MonsterMegs, a reputable and well-established web host that accepts Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Ethereum. We believe crypto is the future currency and encourages new technology opportunities. At MonsterMegs, you are guaranteed high levels of uptime, unparalleled support, and a ton of other features to make sure you website is always performing at its maximum potential.

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