Automatic WordPress Backups Using CodeGuard

Automatic WordPress Backups Using CodeGuard

October 21, 2020 By Kevin 0

Having an automatic cloud backup of your WordPress site is the first step in securing your website, because it gives you the option to revert changes should anything go wrong. Here at MonsterMegs we offer daily backups with 14 daily restore points and 12 weekly restore point available at any given time, but we always recommend that users have an additional backup solution as a fail-safe. Today we are going to cover automatic backups of your WordPress sites using CodeGuard and their WordPress plugin.

What is CodeGuard?

CodeGuard is truly a game-changing security product, providing full-automated site scans, one-click backups and version control. CodeGuard takes an automatic backup of your entire website and database every day, without you having to do a thing. It is true automatic backup solution for any WordPress site.

How To Install and Configure CodeGuard WordPress Plugin

  1. Download the CodeGuard plugin & Upload it to your WordPress site

    Download the .zip file of the CodeGuard Plugin here.

    Next, upload the plugin by clicking “Add New” and then “Upload Plugin” in the “Add Plugins” section of your WordPress admin dashboard.

  2. Activate the plugin in your WordPress dashboard

    In the “Plugins” section of your dashboard, click the ‘Activate’ link for the CodeGuard plugin.

  3. Enter your Unique Access Key to complete the plugin activation

    During the website addition flow within CodeGuard, you will be given a Unique Access Key. Copy and paste it into this field on the plugin dashboard.

Get Started With CodeGuard Today

Every 0.65 seconds, a new web page is infected with malware.

Protect your site from data loss and corruption, as well as against threats from viruses, hackers and malware with Daily Automated Website Backups from CodeGuard.

Get started today with our discounted pricing on all CodeGuard plans. Starting at only $2.95/mo, you can begin protecting your website without breaking the bank!

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