LiteSpeed Cache (LSCache) Now Enabled on All Servers

We are very excited to announce that LiteSpeed Cache (LSCache) has now been to all our hosting services. With the development of the new WordPress Litespeed plugin, we felt the addition of LSCache would great new addition to our services and especially customers using WordPress.


LSCache is a highly customizable, high-performance page cache for dynamic content built into LiteSpeed Web Server. LSCache outperforms other popular caching plugins because LSCache works at a web server level instead of just an application level.

Page caches save time and resources, and they do so by storing the full content of dynamically-generated pages so that static copies may be served to the user.

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Meltdown and Spectre Vulnerabilities

A recent vulnerability was announced on January 3, 2018, affecting all modern processors. There are two parts to the released vulnerability, and they are as follows:

Meltdown: Allows applications to access operating system memory, providing access to secrets such as passwords. This affects modern Intel chips. There are patches available, however, at this point there seems to be some issues with these patches, causing system instability and slow downs.

Spectre: Breaks the isolation between error-free applications, which allows a malicious application to read memory from another application. This affects all modern chips; Intel, AMD, and ARM.

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Black Friday Web Hosting Deals 2017

Black Friday Web Hosting Deals

As soon as the clock strikes midnight (Central time) on Monday, November 20th we’re going to be starting our Black Friday Sales Week. We will be issuing a number of different offers throughout the week that will allow you to save BIG on all Web HostingReseller Hosting, and Semi-Dedicated Enterprise Hosting packages!

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Cyber Monday Web Hosting Sale

Black Friday may be over, but we have saved some of the best deals for our Cyber Monday Sale. While Black Friday may be the biggest shopping day of the year, Cyber Monday caters to internet businesses like MonsterMegs and deserves the utmost attention. That’s why this year we have huge savings of up to 70%. We have deals on our all our hosting services that include our Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting, and our high performance Enterprise Hosting.

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MonsterMegs Black Friday 2016 Hosting Sale

Black Friday is right around the corner and for 2016, we have some amazing offers available. Our Black Friday Sale is by far the best time to save some serious cash on our various web hosting services. This year we have savings of up to 65%. We have deals on our all our hosting services that include our Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting, and our high performance Enterprise Hosting.

All deals will begin on Thursday, November 24th at 6:00 pm (CST) and will continue until 11:59 pm (CST) on Friday, November 25th. To view our amazing 2016 Black Friday specials, click the button below.… Read the rest