QUIC Support Now Available On Semi-Dedicated Hosting

If benefits like up to 20X faster pages loads weren’t enough for you to host on our Turbo Charged Semi-Dedicated Hosting, perhaps QUIC-support will be enough for you to give them a try. QUIC is a speed-enhanced alternative to the transmission control protocol (TCP). QUIC helps to lower latency and ultimately improve page load speeds.

QUIC adds to a wide range of other Semi-Dedicated Hosting benefits including additional resources per user, hosting on a server with few users, and increased performance.

What Is Traditional TCP?

TCP are the set of rules controlling how data is sent through the internet (or any other network for that matter).… Read the rest

Cyber Monday Coupons and Discounts 2018 – Huge Savings!!!

This years Black Friday is now a thing of the past and that brings us to Cyber Monday. Customers have reached out to us and requested even better deals for this Cyber Monday and we listened.  This years Cyber Mondays deals are the biggest discounts we have ever offered! We have some HUGE discounts this year on our Web HostingReseller Hosting, and our Turbo Charged Semi-Dedicated Hosting plans.

This Cyber Monday we are loosening the reins and throw up some huge discounts. How does savings of up to 75% sound to you? You tell us, ether by placing an order or submitting a comment in this post.… Read the rest

2018 Black Friday Hosting Discounts – Save up to 60%!

Black Friday Sale has ended.
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November has arrived and we all know what that means! Yes that’s right, it means Black Friday is right around the corner and with that comes our annual Black Friday Specials, yay! We have some amazing discounts this year on our Web HostingReseller Hosting, and our Turbo Charged Semi-Dedicated Hosting plans.

Similar to years in the past, with this years discounts you can save up to 60% off your hosting order. So, waste no time and take advantage of these generous hosting discounts before they expire!

This year our Black Friday Sale will begin on Thursday, November 22nd at 6:00pm (CST) and will end on November 25th when the clock strikes midnight (11:59pm CST).… Read the rest

LiteSpeed Cache (LSCache) Now Enabled on All Servers

We are very excited to announce that LiteSpeed Cache (LSCache) has now been to all our hosting services. With the development of the new WordPress Litespeed plugin, we felt the addition of LSCache would great new addition to our services and especially customers using WordPress.


LSCache is a highly customizable, high-performance page cache for dynamic content built into LiteSpeed Web Server. LSCache outperforms other popular caching plugins because LSCache works at a web server level instead of just an application level.

Page caches save time and resources, and they do so by storing the full content of dynamically-generated pages so that static copies may be served to the user.

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Meltdown and Spectre Vulnerabilities

A recent vulnerability was announced on January 3, 2018, affecting all modern processors. There are two parts to the released vulnerability, and they are as follows:

Meltdown: Allows applications to access operating system memory, providing access to secrets such as passwords. This affects modern Intel chips. There are patches available, however, at this point there seems to be some issues with these patches, causing system instability and slow downs.

Spectre: Breaks the isolation between error-free applications, which allows a malicious application to read memory from another application. This affects all modern chips; Intel, AMD, and ARM.

More information about these vulnerabilities can be found here.… Read the rest